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LAMDA Grades in Performance


LAMDA stands for ‘London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art’ and the teaching guides children towards achieving grades in performance – just as they take grades in piano or guitar. Each child works at their own level and achieves the grades in their own time. They can choose to take grades in Acting, Verse & Prose or Musical Theatre. The Grades are as follows:


Introductory, Preparatory, Preliminary, Entry, Grades 1 - 5, Bronze, Silver & Gold Medals.


Children as young as four years can begin LAMDA and, in fact, the younger they start the better. It teaches children a huge amount in terms of performance, confidence and the ability to speak publically. You will soon see your child’s confidence soaring as they achieve their grades. Children who study LAMDA also tend to advance well in their literacy skills, as the lessons involve discussion on the theory of writing, speaking and listening.


LAMDA grades are accredited and so recognised by the board of education. They are highly thought of and very good to have on your CV, both as a child and as an adult. As a rough guide, it is good to have achieved Grade 2 LAMDA by the time you are entering senior school, and achieving this is one big plus in gaining entry to the secondary school of your choice. LAMDA grades 6-8 also earn UCAS points.


LAMDA exams are oral only - there is no written part of the exams. The child meets with an examiner, performs for them and then discusses the piece/s they have performed. The examiner gives marks for performance, interpretation, technique, understanding and discussion. The exams are friendly and not at all pressurized and all the examiners are very friendly, welcoming and kind to the children.


Children who take their LAMDA grades benefit enormously from the tuition and generally take huge leaps in confidence. They also enjoy the process enormously and take great pride in their abilities. LAMDA is fun and rewarding, but also a huge asset to a child’s education.